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Welcome to the Department of Geology at Patna University. In these web pages we have attempted to arrange some very useful information about our courses and research, our students and faculty, our undergraduate and graduate programs, our history, our facilities, and our special events.

The Department of Geology came into existence in 1946. It was established with the endowment of a chair called ‘Tata Professor of Geology’ announced by M/s Tata and Sons Ltd. on the occasion of the silver jubilee of Patna University in November 1944. However the Post Graduate department of Geology was opened in July 1946. Sir (Dr.) L. A. N. Iyer, an eminent geologist from Geological Survey of India was offered the post of J. N. Tata Professor to become its founder head.

Undergraduate teaching in Geology in the Patna Science College commenced from July 1949 under the headship of Dr. (Prof.) Raghuji Verma. After the retirement of Dr. L. A. N. Iyer in December 1951, the post of Tata Professor in Geology was offered to Dr. S. C. Chatterjee in February 1952.

The period from middle 1950‘s to early 1960’s witnessed a remarkable phase in the history of this department when its several teachers went abroad for higher studies under various faculty development schemes: Dr. D. N. Ojha (Oxford), Dr. V. N. Singh (Germany), Dr. A. K. Prasad (Prague), Shri. B. Nath (London) and Dr. R. C. Mishra (London).